Hello, I'm Erika

Digital transformation expert, human-centered facilitator, service designer, and leader with an endless drive for creative collaboration

25 years experience in hands-on design contribution, 10 years of strategic leadership experience. Skilled in product strategy and design, service design, and design technology. I live in the nexus of design, technology, and business.

I am currently employed at NASA as a Digital Service Expert, where I help transform the application of customer experience, service design, and human-centered systems thinking within the missions and teams of the United States space program.

Previously, I created new-business initiatives at Mural, working on smart-canvas AI, and then XR/VR/AR in partnership with Meta. Before that, I spent 7 years as Intuit's first service designer and design technology leader.

I am the co-founder of Practical by Design and co-creator of the Practical Service Blueprint, and co-author of the hit book "Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way."

If you see something you like, connect with me on LinkedIn, or just send a message!

I'm also the author of a 4-book space opera series.

Customers and Clients

My consulting, book, courses, and frameworks have been used in the world's most prominent companies, serving as a resource for product and service designers, strategists and consultants, product managers, and leaders across every sector, category, and continent.

If working with me interests you, feel free to reach out. I am always looking to collaborate and make a difference.

Book available right now: Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way!

Our new book on the instantly-actionable fundamentals of modern, practical current-state and future-state experience blueprinting is available now! 

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  • Design leadership
    Product design strategy
  • Service design strategy
  • Design technology
  • Research and discovery
  • Craft and hands-on contribution
  • Facilitation and workshop design
  • Experience mapping
  • Speaking, teaching, authorship
  • Team management and leadership
  • Digital transformation