My creative and professional output exists across the spectrum of design — products & services, digital & analog, audio & video, written & spoken.

Designing for human experiences that engage, entertain, or educate is what I love. It could be a digital product experienced through technology, or a service that is entirely in the real world, or a carefully constructed narrative through video, voice, or the written word.

Enjoy this collection of work I feel represents what I love and what I do as both my vocation and avocation. For me, the pinnacle of recreation is creation, and the ultimate privilege is being able to engage, entertain, or educate people with the things I have built.

Projects from NASA (classified)

Projects from NASA currently TDB pending declassification.

Projects from MURAL (detail coming soon)

A highlight of work from my time at MURAL, from 2021 to 2023.

Projects from Intuit

A highlight of work from my time at Intuit, from 2014 to 2021

Projects from previous employers (coming soon)

Projects I am proud of from the past that still highlight important skills

Independent endeavors (coming soon)

Projects that are either entrepreneurial efforts, or projects that show my passion and skill