Side Quests

I have so many more goals than time. Most projects are more like advanced hobbies, but there are two that have that I am rather proud of.

The Dauntless Gambit

In the second half of 2020, I published a 4-book science fiction adventure series, using an iterative revision, editing, and recording approach to release 2 chapters a week for 9 months, as both text and audio.

Me, an editor, and narrator delivered week after week this text and audio serial to thousands of readers and listeners. Over 350,000 words (1200 paperback pages) were produced, and 35 hours of audio. It's all on Amazon now in ebook, paperback, and Audible audiobook format in 4 volumes.

Read more about this monumentous achievement at its website or read the article that talks about kicking-off the (now completed) project.

Audio fiction podcast, text serial, and ebook

Practical by Design

Since 2015, I have been the co-owner of a business called Practical by Design, the web's premiere service design community, resource, and home of the wildly successful Practical Service Blueprinting course.

This effort has connected me with thousands of like-minded professionals around the world, and currently our Slack community has over 7000 members. Our ebooks on service blueprinting have been downloaded tens-of-thousands of times, and hundreds of people have taken our online course on Practical Service Blueprinting.

Through Practical by Design, I have been invited to speak at conferences across the world, consult with major brands like Netflix, Autodesk, Wells Fargo, Apple, Google, Facebook, and countless others.